FC Silkenswift Shadow of Chaos, SC FCh

Vlad coursing in July 1996. Photo by Shot on Site.

Sire: FC SORC Silkenswift Captain Chaos, SC LCM2

Dam: Silkenswift Howff Ishtar, LCM4 CanFCh SC ORC

Date of Birth: 18 March 1994

color: brindle, black mask

Vlad's Pedigree

Jennifer said:
      "Vlad is my super little coursing guy. He finished his ASFA title in six trials and finished his AKC FC in four trials with two 5 point majors and 3 and 2 point second places. Vlad also has 98 points and his placement towards his Canadian FCh. He was also #4 Borzoi in Canada for coursing in 1996, having run in only three trials!
He excels at running and is surprisingly fast and very agile, being able to often make turns like a quarter horse. He is a very quiet and sweet dog and loves to cuddle and inconspicously lick your feet. He also sits on your lap like a human - he will back up to me and then... PLOP! he sits on my lap with his hind feet in the air and his front feet still on the ground! Vlad was a black masked brindle with an exotic head and very restricted white markings."

Jennifer Frank of Annwn Borzoi was Vlad's owner. Contact her at jfrankannwn@yahoo.com

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