Biographical Sketch of Supreme Oval Racing Champion(NOTRA) Dual Champion (AKC) Silkenswift Blaze of Chaos, Lure Courser of Merit 4 (ASFA) Senior Courser (AKC), Supreme Gazehound Racing Champion (LGRA), Companion Dog (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (AKC)

Blaze finished his AKC conformation Championship in the fall of 2000 with a BOB over the dog who was the #1 Conformation Borzoi of 2000.

Blaze was handled for most of his show career by Rebecca Peters-Campbell.

Blaze finished his CD in the fall of 2001 at a show in Springfield Massachucetts.

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Chaos,LCM2(A 7-95)]
A picture of Blaze at the BCOA 1999 Triathelon
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Blaze was handled by Candace Kane at this show.

Who is Blaze and why is he #1 Asfa borzoi in 1996? I mean he wasn't even in the top ten list until the last quarter of the year! That was a comment that come my way in the fall of 1996.

Blaze is Silkenswift Blaze of Chaos LCM 2, ORC, FC and he is the son of Aatis who was #1 Asfa borzoi in 1994 out of the last litter produced by Ishtar who was #2 ASFA Borzoi in 1985. This means he is also the grandson of Darkness who was #1 ASFA sighthound in 1981 and 1982. I wonder how many other top ASFA dogs have as many #1 ASFA dogs in their ancestry? Is this a sign of maturity in ASFA, where selection is actually producing a dog suited to the sport?

Blaze only went to 28 ASFA trials in 1996. He also participated in Oval Track Racing (NOTRA - finishing as #3 NOTRA Borzoi after his half sibs K'lar and Barnabas) and finished his AKC FC. He won BOB on Sunday at the 1996 II and a magnificant BIF at the Blue Grass Coursing CLub Trial on the day following the Region 6 Invitational. I personally thought the BOB run that day was one of the most perfect Borzoi runs I have ever seen. The field was well laid out and at a gorgeous site and the course plan was a perfect Borzoi course with long straightaways and endurance challenging hills to climb and a layout in which a badly cutting dog basically became unsighted so the dogs were encouraged (dare I say 'lured') to follow rather than being seduced into cutting. In a three way BOB run off (FC stake was split) Blaze ran against a very good bitch of the Kaltenborn's named Bette and against his kennel mate Esme. They were all good Borzoi but as they came up the long uphill straight away in the middle of the course Blaze drew away from the other two by a body length with each stride demonstrating the speed that has made him a top oval racer as well as lure courser.

He seems to get car sick and is often off form on the day after a long ride, something he inherited from his grandmother Darkness. He was sort of under the weather at the Saturday Trial (the Region 6 Regional) after our long drive across the Applacians through the blizzard and little sleep but that Sunday when we got to the site after a good night's sleep he was bouncing and parading around and full of himself and I thought he would put out some really good courses and he did. I wish I had those runs on a video tape but I rerun them in my head and enjoy them almost as much as I enjoy rerunning grandmother Darkness' runs at the II and the Grand National.

Blaze is not a tall Borzoi (he is however above standard measuring in at 28 2/3 inches at the withers) but he is quite muscular and powerful. He has excellent conformation for running yet has a nice side gait at the trot if the handler gets him to move out. He showed his conformation from puppyhood but his speed did not develop until he was 18 months old. When we first started running him he was really slooow. After further maturity and some NOTRA oval racing experience he showed remarkable speed - on a good day he can beat his half brother Barnabas who is not an easy Borzoi to outrun. After the NOTRA experience we needed to condition him out of the habit of sprinting all out at the beginning of a course so he had some thing left at the end.

Some highlights of his brief career to date (3-21-97) include:

In one year earning:

Oval Racing Championship, AKC Field Championship, two ASFA LCM's and being #1 ASFA Borzoi, #3 Oval Racing Borzoi and in the AKC Top 10 Lure Coursing List for part of the year.

Placing in all 28 ASFA trials entered in 1996:

4 ASFA Best in Fields
19 Best of Breeds
21 FCh 1st placements, Three 2nd Placements, Two 2rd's, One 4th, One NBQ

Winner of the BIF "Grand Prix Challenge Cup" Trophy in November of 1995. This trial was at a large field which can be very muddy - as it was in November if 1995. One of Blaze's outstanding actions in the BIF was to make a tricky turn by leaping up in the air and swaping ends while in the air so he landed running in the opposite direction. This is not a usual Borzoi turn.

BOB at the 1996 II On Sunday. The BOB run off was between Blaze, his father Aatis and the open dog - his cousin Sequoia.

BOB at the Region 8 Regional, Sep-14-96, over a field of 22 Borzoi.

BOB at Blue Grass Coursing Club, Oct-20-96, over a field of 24 Borzoi.

BOB both days at the Borzoi Club of the Delaware Valley Specialty, Oct-26/27-96 and third place in the conformation/obedience/coursing Tri-Athelon match connected with the specialty.

In August, 1997 Blaze won the Mason Dixon Ibizan Hound Club Sighthound Spree Triathelon at Hanover Shoe Farms and placed 2nd in 36 sighthounds in the beginner level (all work on leash) agility match that was held in conjunction with the Spree. He had no faults on the obstacles.

October 11 and 12, 1997 Blaze won the "Top Borzoi in Triathelon" and Top LCM Borzoi for the weekend Trophies at the Mid-Atlantic Deerhound Clubs Octoberfest sighthound weekend at Vale View Kennels in Westchester, PA.

November 1997 - Blaze finished his LGRA Championship - this is the straight racing title granted by the Large Gazehound Racing Association. He was in five race meets and won top placement at each one.

My web and kennel business' have kept me from updating these pages. More will come later.

In 1998 Blaze completed his Supreme LGRA title. He was the second Borzoi SLGRA. Unlike the first LGRA Borzoi's career, all the events Blaze entered were events competed in by Borzoi from several owners and there was no mass pulling of dogs to manipulate the winner, there were always several dogs that completed all 3 races.

In May of 1999 Blaze was the second place Borzoi in the Triathelon of the Borzoi Club of America's Specialty in Denver Colorado. He placed 3rd in the ASFA field trial in the Field Champion Stake. He placed 3rd in 33 Borzoi in the straight race being defeated only by his son Arro and a nice Colorado dog belonging to Melissa Pearce. Not bad for a 5 year old dog who had just driven for 5 days in a car.

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