FC Silkenswift Burning Bright, FCh

Presents "The Miracle of Puppy Birth", August 25, 2006

Pedigree of Brightness ] [ "Bio" of Brightness

There are 9 puppies, all have some degree of "irish" white markings.
There are 6 females
One light red, one black and tan, one silver, the rest dominant black. The silver female will probably become gold as an adult.
There are 3 males. One drak red and two dominant black.

Here is their progress in 2011. The top performers belong to people other than Bonnie Dalzell and James Saklad (Silkenswift).
  • Silkenswift Carrot Ironfoundersson, SC | HP248384/06 | sabled red, "irish" white trim | male |owner: Dalzell
  • FC Silkenswift's Cosmic Kula, SC | HP248384/05 | gold | female |owner: Byrnes
  • ORC Silkenswift Ride The Wild Wind, GRC | HP248384/04 | sabld red, "irish" white trim | female |owner: Sollitt
  • Silkenswift Chantilly Lace (catches birds on the wing)| HP248384/03 | dominant black, "irish" white trim | female |owner: Sprenkel
  • Silkenswift Luthien SC | HP248384/02 | dominant black, "irish" white trim | female |owner: Poniatowski
  • FC Silkenswift Bright Focus, SC ,GRC | HP248384/01 | dominant black, "irish" white trim | female owner: Dalzell
  • FC SORC SGRC 3 Silkenswift Black Lightning, FCh LCM | HP248384/08 | dominant black, "irish" white trim | male owner: Bobrowski
  • FC Silkenswift Bright Wizard, GRC, FCh | HP248384/09 | sabled red, white trim | male |owner: L'Herouux
  • Silkenswift Bright Crivens(deceased, accident)| HP248384/07 | black and tan, black mask, "irish" white trim | male owner: Dalzell
I need to update this list to link to the owners apges.

Brightness and her Pups in Pictures

Borzoi Brightness at Regional
Brightness winning BIF at ASFA Regional
Borzoi Brightness sweet face
Brightness has a sweet nature
Borzoi Brightness at head study
Brightness has a lovely profile
Borzoi Brightness at side view
Brightness just before her pups - and before I trimmed her long feathering off.
Borzoi Brightness with new litter
Brightness and new born pups, 1 AM: Aug 26 2006
Borzoi Brightness with 5 day old pups Brightness and 5 day old pups, Wed Aug 30, 2006

Silkenswift Midnite Talyn:

Talyn's Pedigree ] [ Talyn's "Bio"

Introducing The Pround Father in Pictures

Borzoi Silkenswift Midnite Talyn
Borzoi Silkenswift Midnite Talyn>
Borzoi Silkenswift Midnite Talyn>
Borzoi Silkenswift Midnite Talyn>
Borzoi Silkenswift Midnite Talyn>

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