picture of Buyan Buyan is a Borzoi who was whelped in Russia (or actually in the Soviet Union) on Sept 8, 1984. He was a lovely clear red with white trim and pale countershading.

He sired one litter in the United States which produced one AKC bench CH, one CD and two ASFA FCh's. Two of his son's were bred and there are quite a few lovely grandpups and greatgrandpups. A good number of them are field and bench titled and one, Ch Silkenswift Cotapaxi, SC FCh, has been specialed and has multiple hound group wins.

Portrait of Buyan at 5 years of age.
Buyan was imported into the United States by Col William D Halloran. Col Halloran was the military attache to the US Embassy in the Soviet Union for several years. He had moved to Moscow with two American Borzoi and he became aquainted with Borzoi fanciers in Moscow, including Galina Zotava. After several years of careful building of friendships Col. Halloran was allowed to purchase a Borzoi puppy and export it from Russia. This was the first male Borzoi enrolled in the AKC studbooks since the mid 1930's. Denny Halloran's tale of acquiring Buyan, during the cold war had some 'spy novel' qualities and the dogs real papers left Russia in a diplomatic pouch. The papers that went out through soviet customs said he was a collie pup.

Sadly Denny Halloran died unexpectedly. Mrs. Halloran kept Buyan for several years but her work schedule made it difficult for Buyan to be properly exercised and in 1994 moved in with Bonnie Dalzell at Silkenswift Borzoi. He enjoyed being out with other Borzoi during the day and sleeping on Bonnie's bed at night as an honored house pet. He also had the opprotunity to boss his descendents around a lot - not in a mean way - but they did defer to him. Buyan died in March of 1996 after 6 weeks of illness. He was 11 1/2 years old. Buyan himself looked like a piece of art noveau sculpture, quit thin and elegant and all curvy lines. He was a very intelligent dog and reserved in the classical sense - not spooky but opinionated as to who he will allow the favor of petting him.


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