Male Borzoi  "Eros"  , FC Mielikki's Somebody T'Luv, JC
Winner of BOB ASFA Region 8 Invitational, 2002.
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Sire: DC Silkenswift Blaze of Chaos LCM4 SORC2 SGRC CD -- Dam: Ch Shefaro Mielikki Ebn HaSanna
Breeder: Renee McCartin

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Eros lateral view of head Eros left lateral view, full body Eros right lateral view, full body

Eros frontal view Eros rear view
Photo credit - Eros in repose - James Saklad and Bonnie Dalzell.
eros at a gallop eros at a gallop
Photo credit - Eros in action - Steve Surfman.
running sunrise to sunset divider

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