Ishtar was a lovley black and tan piebald Borzoi bitch who inherited her father. Ch Windrift Kindred Spirit's exotic long head and lovely coat. She was the fastest Borzoi I have owned to date and completed her oval racing championship after she was 8 years of age. All 6 of the pups from her 1st litter are performance titled with a Field Championship Title or better.
SORC Silkenswift Dark Shadow (Barnabas), LCM SC
ORC FC Silkenswift Ebony Rose (Ebony) LCM
SORC FC Silkenswift Intent K'lar K K'Lar) LCM SC
Cn FCH Silkenwift Amber Joset (Joset) FCh
FC Silkenswift Dark Angel (Angelique) FCh SC
Silkenswift Spirit O'Darkness (Little Darkness) FCh

Little Darkness was sold to Margery Armstrong who then, without notifying me, placed her as a 'rescue'. If anyone knows who now owns her I would like to know who they are and I would like to know how she is doing.

Many of the the nine pups from her 2nd litter (sired by group winning Ch Silkenswift Cotopaxi FCh, SC) are also titled. From her final litter we have Blaze and Flash who were respectively number 1 ASFA and AKC Lure coursing Borzoi for 1996.

FC Silkenswift Pelee's Fire FCh SC ORC
Silkenswift Katmai at Pickle Hill LCM
FC Silkenswift St Helens FCh ORC SC
Cn Ch Silkenswift Karemsky Cn FChX FCh LGRA Ch

Her third litter sired by SORC FC Silkenswift Captain Chaos, LCM2 SC is currently out competing:

SORC FC Silkenswift Blaze of Chaos LCM3 SC
ORC Silkenswift Flash of Chaos FCh SC
FC Silkenswift Shadow of Chaos LCM

She always recognized her puppies and insisted on washing and cleaning them in public, which embarrasses them as they are adults. Barnabas feels that having mom wash you interferes with his Mr cool dog image.

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