Pictures of the 7 puppy litter Sired by Blaze and out of Silkenswift Ramona Mosvikova

Born May 22, 1999
Pictures taken mid July, 1999 when puppies were 7 weeks old
Each small picture is a link to a larger picture of the puppy
Ramona is a litter sister to "Eli" (Silkenswift Eli Pickle Hill) and a daughter of our Russian Import Moscow

There are 7 puppies, 3 males, 4 females. In some cases I have put up pictures of both sides of a pup. The pups are as follows: Red male, Black with brindle points male, Brindle male, Red female, Black and tan female, Brindle female, Sabled cream female.

The Pedigree of the Puppies

Click on the little picture to see a full sized picture of each dog

Silkenswift Ramona Mosvikova

Dam of litter

Ramona full face

Silkenswift Blaze of Chaos
Sire of Litter

Silkenswift Blaze's Black Lilly

Silkenswift Black Aster

Silkenswft Storms in Africa

Silkenswft Storms in Africa
other side

Silkenswft Bonne Chance

Silkenswift Blaze's Yarrow

Silkenswift Burning Bright

second side
Silkenswift Burning Bright

Silkenswift Red Ruben
He is going to live with
Ramona's co-owner Karen Kitz

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